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Welfare party of India releases its manifesto.
Welfare party of India releases its manifesto.

New Delhi (8th April, 2019) Welfare Party of India released the party manifesto 2019 as a vision document.In Jangipur, a parliamentary constituency in West Bengal it was released by National President of the party and the candidate of that constituency Dr SQR Ilyas.National General Secretary Ms Sheema Mohsin released it in Bangalore. In Maharashtra and Telengala it was released by State leaders Mr Saleem Shaikh and Mr Md Waseem respectively.


This Manifesto comes with great responsibility - the aspirations, dreams and future plans for our country and its people with a strong desire to establish a Welfare state, where there is a paradigm shift in the existing national policies, Where there is dignity to every citizen and integrity to the nation. Where constitutional ethos of equality, fraternity, liberty and justice to all citizens is established true to in word and spirit, where there is freedom of expression and respect for dissent, Where there is inclusive and participatory democracy, where there is pluralism and cultural federalism, where there is humane and sustainable development, where the fruits of development are shared by all, where every citizen shall enjoy basic amenities, freedom, security, peace, justice, development with equal opportunities and adequate representation, where the issues concerning marginalised sections the minorities, dalits, tribal’s, women, youth, farmers, labourers, poor and the underprivileged are addressed in the right perspective and will be emancipated and freed from insecurity, where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where the nation's empowerment lies in the empowerment of its citizens, where steps are taken towards building  an unified and dignified India and where the world shall witness India's Tryst with Triumph (an appointment with success ).Towards achieving this Welfare Party proposes unique and innovative proposals, listed below are high lights of some. 

  • Introduction of Super tax levied on Super rich.
  • Introduction of Inheritance tax to prevent accumulation of wealth and reduce disparity between have and have not. 
  • Introduction of common school for all children.v Creation of Land bank for the distribution of land to the landless.
  • To set up Agricultural board like Railway board.v To have separate budget for agriculture. 
  • Employment guarantee scheme to be extended to urban poor as the party doesn't discriminate rural or urban poor.
  • To make a national river policy. v To have cordial relation with our immediate neighbouring countries. 
  • To introduce Sustainable Corruption Control Policy to free PSU'S from corruption and mismanagement. 
  • To uphold plural ethos and diverse culture of the nation and to ensure that it reflected in our education institutions a screening committee with representation of all communities to be appointed.
  • To resolve Kashmir issue with humanly approach stating that people of Kashmir are more dear than the land of Kashmir.
  • Proportional Representation system of election should replace the existing colonial, first past the post.
  • Right to recall of inefficient and underperforming members elected to parliament, assembly or local bodies. 
  • To enact the prevention of communal and targeted bill.v To introduce Sub plan for minorities.
  • To introduce 50% woman's reservation bill with reservation within reservation according to the proportion. 

The Welfare party is a harbinger of positive change in the country. No jumlabazis but to introduce real practical work on ground.

Issued by-

National media CoordinatorWelfare Party of India


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