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Dr. S.Q. R. Ilyas write a letter to the National Human Rights Commis...
   Dr. S.Q. R. Ilyas write a letter to the National Human Rights Commission and Delhi Police Commissioner
Dr. S.Q. R. Ilyas write a letter to the National Human Rights Commis...
 From                                                                                       Dated 28th February, 2017

Dr.S.Q.R. Ilyas

National President

           The Chairman

           National Human Rights Commission

             New Delhi.

Sub: Delhi blast acquitted Muhammed Hussain Fazili’s statement of forceful feed of urine and shit by investigating officials of Delhi Police.
Ref: Media reports in visual and print media.
Sir, you might have come across media reports of the 2005 Delhi blast accused Muhammed Hussain Fazili who belongs to Kashmir and now acquitted of all charges by the Delhi Court. Mr. Fazili has revealed to media that has been widely reported that he was forced by the Delhi Police officials during interrogation to drink urine and eat human waste alongwith bread and other eatables to confess to crimes that he never committed. As per reports and as he claims he was picked from his home in Kashmir and airlifted to Delhi and was interrogated by the Delhi Police personnel where the alleged inhuman and shameful acts were committed.
These kind of inhuman practices being adopted during investigation are not rare and occasional, but seem to be general especially in cases where the accused belong to either Muslim or Dalit communities. Almost all those acquitted of wrongly implicated terrorist cases had to narrate same sort of stories. Instances of their religious beliefs being targeted are also not rare.
The Commission must interfere strongly and bring an end to the third degree inhuman methods pursued by investigation agencies. It is a blot on our judicial system also that they have to rely on these kinds of evidences to pronounce judgments. 
We urge the Commission to look into the widespread allegation that this loyal-than-master approach is followed by the investigation officials for mere rewards and promotions.  
We also urge the Commission to ensure that the officials who knowingly resorted to such practices and caused innocent people struggle in jails for long years for no reason at all should be penalized. Though no compensation of what-so-ever nature will neutralize the loss being inflicted on a person being incarcerated for years, we urge the Commission forcefully to take steps that such persons be adequately and decently compensated. Let the compensation distribution start from Muhammed Fazil.
We expect urgent and positive step from your end.

With regards


Dr. S.Q.R Ilyas
National President.
The Delhi Police Commissioner
We urge the Commissioner to initiate immediate investigation to find out the wrongful persons who committed it and take disciplinary actions against them. We also urge the Commissioner to ensure that in future the dignity and religious faith of any person will not be hurt by these kinds of third degree inhuman methods.

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