What are the achievements of the MODI Government that came to power in 2014 and is to complete its tenure soon? As the proverb goes “bull in the china shop” total chaos has been created across all walks of life. There is hardly any section, institution in the country that has not been adversely affected. With an almost “hired mimed” media, the militant muscle power of the RSS and flowing money power, effort is made to create artificial euphoria that ache din aa gaya.

The almost liberal, vibrant, inclusive, plural and tolerant India of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Nehru and Azad have been turned into intolerant in all nature. Beauty of diversity and plurality of the country has been torn apart. One colour, one thought and one culture is enough. This grave intolerance has grasped all walks of life, all sections and institutions inflicting irreparable injury.

Your eating habit can be a reason for you being killed as in the case of Akhlaq. Intolerant fascism has crept into your kitchen and dictating the menu. You are forced to change your eating habit of decades to appease or for fear of pseudo-patriots. Of the 63 attacks in the name of beef and cow, 96.8 % occurred after Modi government came to power taking about 30 precious lives.

Mere suspicion of carrying beef or trading cattle legally is enough for you to be killed or lynched by mob. Nobody expected condemnation from the BJP or RSS, but people looked to the Prime Minister who finds time to tweet for even non-serious matters for any reaction. People waited for hours with keen ears to hear in the Man Ki Bat, which touched issues like yoga, toilets, sports, books as gifts, but in vain Love Jihad controversy was widely used by the right-wing elements.

Even so called intelligentsia fell in the trap alongwith media in spreading the rumour that brought fear in the minds of innocent Hindus. It was a shame that some liberal leftists also joined the havoc. Equally important is that it made references in some judicial verdicts though cleared later. An atmosphere was created that Muslims began to feel that we are not really counted as Indians. It

is here we have to say with assertion that INDIA IS FOR AL INDIANS.

Organized communal riots allegedly with the support of the ruling class are on the rise ever since the BJP came to power at centre and in states and are clearly intended to fill fear in your minds. From Police Stations to Courts almost a step motherly treatment awaits you. Behind every communal riot, new and old, there is politics of economics, land, labour and religion. Your Indianess has yet to be established.

With a caste based social structure and a caste-filled mindset, even after seven decades of independence, the Dalits and Tribes have not been fortunate to enjoy social recognition and social justice. Walls have been erected somewhere, segregation at other places, forced to live in sub-human condition. Social interaction or engagements happens rare.

Every 15 minute, one crime is committed against Dalits, every day six Dalit women are raped. These are as per official statistics that register a 66% hike in atrocities in the past ten years 2007-2017. The situation has worsened, with a further spike in anti-Dalit violence, over the past four years ever since BJP came to power.

Further, it is to be remembered these figures are for registered cases which is but a fraction of actual number of crimes that take place. In many instances, these crimes go unreported due to non cooperative police and judicial machinery, shame and social stigma, and the fear of retaliation by the upper castes. Even they were mercilessly attacked by gaurakshaks while performing their traditional job of skinning dead animals. Official mindset, social mindset etc has to change. It is to declare that Dalits are human beings and India belongs to them also as their RIGHT.

Beauty of democracy is not the routine elections, sometimes ritual. It is the right to dissent, disagree and question the rulers, their philosophy and policies. This is unfamiliar to fascists and their masters. So every other voice is dealt with threat, intimidation, abuse etc. When it receives not expected level results and the resistance becomes  widespread and strong, fascist intolerance has taken ugly turn of physical annihilation of opponents. Rationalist writers M Kalburgi, Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar were martyred and activist journalist Gauri Lankesh an out spoken critic of right-wing Hindutva politics was the latest to fall to the bullets. It is here to stand with real INDIANS.

Half of India’s 1.25 billion strong population is below 25 years of age and 65% under the age of 35 as per 2011 census. The BJP in 2014 aware of this youth force and their political force promised 2 crore job every year. Instead of creating new job opportunities as promised, the government miserably failed in retaining existing work force.  Only 6.41 lakh new jobs were created in eight major sectors during July 2014 to Dec2016. The BJP government could create only 1.35 lakh jobs in 2015 which 67% lower than 4.21 lakh jobs created in 2014; it is lowest in the last eight years. No more cheating of Indian youth to be allowed.

However the expenditure on education had been declining steadily by allocating 3.71% of its total expenditure in 2017-18 as against 4.57% during 2013-14. Investment in education sector is vital for skill development for youth.

Though an “unholy” alliance government between the PDP and the BJP shared power at Sri Nagar and Sangh parivar led sarkar assumed power at New Delhi, lots of hopes were raised by Kashmiri people, political parties in and out of Kashmir, international diplomatic circles including Pakistan etc.

A lopsided “masculine” approach by arrogant and adamant Sangh controlled BJP made things worse and has led to skip the situation out of hand. School going boys and girls hurling stones at the security forces and girls kicking army van are new to valley. This is on one side and on the other an army officer driving an army truck with an innocent Kashmiri youth tied to the bonnet to escape from the ire of the public depicts the Kashmir situation truly.

Nobody talks of 56” nowadays. Terrorists could even reach at army camp at Jammu crossing border and living for days here as per our army clarifies. Border violations and skirmishes at intervals are on the rise. There were 2555 ceasefire violations during the last 44 months as against 543 during UPA regime where 286 jawans and 115 civilians were killed against 138 jawans and 72 civilians during previous UPA Regime. Ceasefire violations bring unaccountable miseries to thousands of people living near to the border. It seems the BJP government is interested in  Kashmir soil in Toto, not the  whole sole of Kashmiris.

The treatment being meted out Mallaya and Nirav Modi shows the attitude of the government and the officials towards  “haves” and “have-nots”. The Non Performing Accounts of state owned and private banks as on June, 2016  comes to 6 lakh crores and that of top 20 Non  Performing Accounts (NPA) of Public Sector Bank stands at 1.54 lakh crores.

Who are the beneficiaries of the NPA accounts? Giant companies, business Houses etc. Thus Vijay Mallaya and Nirav Modi can easily get away with family cheating the banks at a tune of 9000 and 11000 crores with the connivance of the Officials and political masters to London and States. The Government initiate ineffective steps to bring them back only to eyewash the public. 

This happens in a country were a common man for family needs, small shop owner to develop his business or a parent  to continue higher studies of his son/ daughter, finds it extremely impossible to raise a loan from any bank. If for genuine reasons, these people make any delay or become default, these same banks then perform their duty ruthlessly with all laws and regulations. Some of them are said to be hiring private agencies to collect loans on commission basis. One law for Mallaya and other for Aam Admi exist. India has to be for all Indians.

No staunch protagonists of the BJP want to mention the great demonetization blunder. The invalidation of 500 and 1000 notes on 8th November 2016 by Prime Minister Modi with little knowledge to even closest colleagues was done in high pitch. Black money couldn’t be contained, fake money couldn’t be curbed, corruption still rampant as it was, terrorism and extremism didn’t show downward trend for want of funds. Who has then benefitted by demonetization? Big companies and business houses? Hawala agencies? Sure to be the BJP? Bank officials?

Was it selectively leaked and reached in the hands of some of the above? Who are the losers? The Aam Admi who had to wait in queues in front of banks for hours often receiving kicks of the security. More than a 100 people lost their lives for “national security” and “fighting terrorism”.  No mention and no awards for them.  Ordinary life across the country for several weeks especially in rural areas was thrown out of gear.

More than 3.5 lakh medium and small enterprises closed business, thereby 15 lakhs people lost jobs. Out of 15.44 lakh crores in circulation only 16000 crores not returned to banks which amount to only 1%. And only 400 crores of fake money was identified.

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was forthright in terming a “monumental mismanagement and “organised loot” and “legalised plunder" de”. His statement stunned the BJP and the government. He also predicted that the economy of the nation will fall by 2%. Demonetization was not implemented for the whole Indians but for the haves.
Agricultural sector, the backbone of Indian economy provides basic ingredients to mankind and provides raw materials for industrial sector. Share of agriculture in employment generation is 48.9%. Still agriculture is the principal source of livelihood for more than 58% of population. Share of agriculture sector to GDP is 17.4% in 2015-16. But does this sector get the allocation and focus considering the vitality and the huge population depending on that. Does the farmers who tilt the land to reap gold out of it treated with the gaurav he deserves.

Successive governments all are responsible for the mess, the present BJP deserves most as it had made tall promises of ensuring a minimum of 50% profits over the cost of production, cheaper agricultural inputs and credit, introducing latest technologies and high yielding seeds and linking MGNREGA to agriculture etc. Why the corporate friendly media ignore this sector and make hue and cry when any concession is extended out.

Why the farmers suicides increase. It shows an increase of 42% from 6867 in 2016 to 12602 in 2016. The figure is for five states. Agriculture has become a non-profitable venture, high cost of materials,

According to NCRB’s latest farmers’ suicide data, of the over 3000 farmers who committed suicide across the country in 2015, 80% ie 2474 had taken loans from banks or microfinance institutions. Agricultural sector and the farmers when given due focus and concessions as corporate sector enjoy, then there will be real growth and progress and no more suicides.

More than 85 to 90 percent of the Indian workforce employed in informal sector are not protected or covered by Labour Laws. The labour has to be more safe and rewarding.  They have to be ensured minimum wages, working conditions, overtime controls, protection from unjustified retrenchment, post retirement benefits, skill development etc.

The BJP led Modi government has been amending  various labour laws in order to fulfil the conditions imposed by the World Bank and appease MNC’s and FDI’s. BJP ruled Rajasthan has been the pioneer in changing labour reforms. It has relaxed the provisions of Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Apprentices Act, and Contract Labour Act. Another BJP state MP has amended at least 20 labour laws including 17 central ones. Maharashtra has also joined the wagon. Alongwith ensuring interests of corporates, MNCs etc, rights of workers also to be ensured by Laws, as they are also INDIANS.

Gandhi once said “under democracy, individual liberty of opinion and action is jealously guarded”. And for this we had fought the freedom movement. Our freedom at all chowks is being choked nowadays.
Barring emergency period, the Indian media has been bold to call the spade a spade. Now with corporate ownership and changed journalistic style of work, most of the media keep mum when they are expected to shout and kneel when asked to bow.

The publication of an exclusive report by the Caravan, the series of events behind deathof justice B.H.Loya,  involved in the case (of alleged extra judicial killing) against the BJP president Mr Amith shah,  purported attempts to bribe him by the chief justice of Mumbai HC for a favourable verdict with an amount of Rs 100 crores. The report contained the testimonies of the family of the judge. The explosive nature of the story and its potential implications for our democracy was not a concern for the main stream and big media in initial days.

Same was the case of a story by The WIRE (website) of how the business turnover of a company owned by Jay Amit Shah son of Amit Shah increased by 16000 times in the year following the election of PM MOdi. Instead of dispelling the cloud hanging over the report by ordering an inquiry, the Government rejected all allegations against Jay Shah, who filed a Rs 100 crores defamation suit against The Wire, and the government permitted the additional solicitor general of India to represent Mr Shah and a court in Ahmedabad, banned the The Wire from publishing any more reports of Mr Shah’s business without even hearing the arguments of the news website.

There was a silence about the corruption story in the media. This is an extraordinary  level of submissiveness displayed by the media. As per the world press freedom index , the largest democracy’s abysmal ranking during last year was 133 out of 180 countries and it has been declined to 136 this year.
There were 54 attacks on journalists and seven murders between January 2016 and April 2017. Citizens in social media and films criticising the government are met with police complaints.

BJP led state governments have introduced draconian bills to curb free speech. Dissent and criticism of government has been construed as antinational activity (40 sedition charges filed in 2016).
Free press that can work in free environment without fear and intimidation is essential for the marginalised to get their voice heard. Then only India will become theirs also.

As and when the BJP came to power at the Centre, sanctity and impartiality of constitutional institutions have been at threat. Overturning the seniority cum merit system of promotion in the Army, scrapping of collegiums system for the appointment of Supreme Court and High Court judges, interference in Election Commission etc are calculated measures to impose a totalitarian fascist system gradually by minimising all possible frictions and threats.

New ideas and thoughts, leaders for tomorrow emerge from campus. Dalit, Adibasi, Minority students for obvious reasons flock to JNU, HCU, Jadavpur, various centres of higher studies in arts and culture etc where they feel at home.  With VCs, Chairmen/ Directors with allegiance to Sangh Parivar being seated at helm of affairs and ABVP being given all support for unleashing an atmosphere of terror, Indian universities have been turned to be fortress of security forces rather than centre of excellence with dialogue and discussions.

Openness of our universities has to be ensured. No more Rohith Vemulas  to be   forced to take the extreme step to get justice from upper caste authorities. No more Najeebs should “disappear” from any campus allegedly at the hands of ABVP or any student outfit. There is a calculated effort to check the inflow of students for higher studies and research from the vulnerable groups. This has to be resisted.
India belongs to every Indian.  Shout it loudly. Struggle for it vigorously.


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